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About the Gallery Server project

Gallery Server is a reusable service layer and OData feed for application galleries. It is used for storing and exposing packages for CMS systems, package managers, etc. Gallery Server functions as the back-end service layer and feed for the Orchard Gallery and NuGet projects. You can use Gallery Server to function as the back-end for your own application gallery, or even to setup your own local instance of another gallery like NuGet. In addition to the OData feed for the contents of the gallery, Gallery Server exposes a REST API for publishing and updating the packages and metadata contained in the gallery.

The Gallery Server project was developed in conjunction with the Orchard Gallery project, which is a front-end implementation that works with a Gallery Server back-end. The Orchard Gallery is under the same open source license as Gallery Server and can be used as a great starting point for setting up your own full featured gallery. However, it is not necessary to use Orchard Gallery as the front-end of a Gallery Server instance. There are a number of configuration settings available in the server that can be customized for your own front-end implementation. Read more about the configuration settings available for Gallery Server.

Getting Started

To get started you can download the source code as a zip file, or clone the repository, by visiting the Source Code tab. Once you've downloaded the source, setup an IIS site or application against the GalleryServer/src/Gallery.Server folder and run the ClickToBuild batch file to build the code. You'll find a ReadMe text file in the root folder which contains more instructions for setting up the server.

Getting involved

If you have a need for a gallery website of your own and would like to use Gallery Server for storing and exposing a feed of packages, you can get involved by joining the Orchard Gallery mailing list and participating in discussions on this site. We are also gathering requirements for future phases of the project and we welcome your input. We accept code contributions as patches, under the same general guidelines as the Orchard Gallery project.

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