There are two configuration files that can be used to customize your instance of the Gallery Server: AppSettings.config and ConnectionStrings.config. When you first download the code, there are two default config files that will be copied to the root of your Gallery.Server project when you first build the project (either by running the ClickToBuild batch file, or compiling the code from Visual Studio).


This file simply contains the connection string for the database that will store Gallery Server's data. By default it will be configured to use a SQL CE 4 database called GalleryFeed which will be stored in the App_Data folder of the Gallery Server site. A sample SQL Server connection string is provided but commented out. Note that with SQL CE the entire database will be created automatically the first time the feed is accessed. With SQL Server you need to create an empty database first, but the schema will be automatically created as soon as the feed accessed. In addition, if you change the connection from the default of SQL CE, there is a corresponding setting in the AppSettings.config file that you'll need to change to match (see below).


Other than the connection string, this file contains all the settings you'll need to customize the behavior of your instance of the Gallery Server. Each of the settings is described below:

  1. RelativePackageDirectory RelativeTemporaryDirectory: This is the location where you want to store the physical package files for your gallery. It should be a relative path from the location of your Gallery.Server web app root.
  2. FrontEndWebSiteRoot: This is the URL to the root of your front-end website (e.g.
  3. ValidatePackageKeyUri: (more documentation coming...)

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