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Gallery Server Gets in Inconsistent state and Fails to Delete package


See work item for an example.
Somehow, a package record in the gallery server existed, but the corresponding .nupkg file did not.

Repro steps:
  1. Push a package to the back-end, but don't let it sync to the front-end.
  2. Delete the .nupkg file.
  3. Try to delete the package using nuget.exe.
Expected result: Delete the package
Actual result: Exception message.

Ideally we should prevent getting into this state in the first place, but it would be nice if we could recover gracefully.


Haacked wrote Jul 11, 2011 at 11:25 PM

Note, the repro steps I provided are not to reproduce the original issue. They are only meant to get the site in the error condition. This bug is to make our site more fault tolerance.

We should also try and investigate the steps to get into this condition in the first place.