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Now impossible to clone the repository.


I am not able to clone the repository.
I have tried several times at different periods of the past several days.
I have attempted to clone a (mine) fork (Clone URL: ) with the same result. I do not know if it is the repository that has got corrupted somehow or if the Mercurial service of the CodePlex is deficient in certain cases, one of which Microsoft is remotely connected to.

The fact is that I need access to it.
I would be happy to contribute if it's what it takes to make it work. To make it work because the package currently available in the download needs quite a few tweakings before you can get the read-only operations working. Let alone pushing a package to the server which I am still paddling about.

May I help?


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emersonm wrote Oct 14, 2013 at 6:58 PM

I get the same error (404) but after "getting UpdateNuGet.bat" when cloning